WILD & JAG/ GAME & HUNT is an independent monthly publication for the broad game industry in South Africa, promoting the synergy between game production, hunting and conservation. Hunters, game ranchers and nature conservationists are served with quality informative articles and columns.

While WILD & JAG/ GAME & HUNT operates in close cooperation with organised hunters, game production and nature-conservation organisations, it is editorially and financially independent.

From humble beginnings in 1994, this magazine has grown phenomenally with regard to quality, contents and scope – especially in 2014 when we published an issue of 200 pages in August, which was a first.

We are grateful for the blessings from Above and for the contribution of dedicated colleagues as well as loyal readers and advertisers.

For more than 28 years we have been supporting the organised hunting, game producers and nature conservation organisations, and promoting the concept of sustainable utilisation of our natural assets.  After 28 years, we are still amongst the most admired and respected publications in South Africa. We have successfully integrated social and digital technology to keep our 40 000+ social and digital subscribers to our GAME & HUNT Daily, Facebook and Instagram platforms informed of newly received or noteworthy industry information or recent events.

Our feature articles and the 50 000 subscribers (Audit Bureau of Circulations) to our monthly printed GAME & HUNT and interactive online GAME & HUNT DigiMag (not a PDF copy) publications always have one thing in common:

 A keen interest in experiencing life – being in the great outdoors, whether to hunt or just to be part of nature.

Our reputation is our top priority. Therefore, we believe in accountability and trust in order to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our customers (advertisers and subscribers), whom we treat with respect. Our staff members are our most valued asset and we therefore work and win as a team, constantly striving to make a valuable contribution to the community.

 It has been a privilege to contribute to the dynamic growth of the general game industry, which has brought us to the stage where today there are more than 15 million head of game on 21 million hectares of game ranches. The game numbers and area with regard to private game ranching total more than double that of all the national parks and provincial reserves combined. This is a great triumph for conservation!

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