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’n Simbool van hoop
A symbol of hope

Throughout the year, the GAME & HUNT team visit many parts of our country. During our travels, we have experienced the effects of the crippling drought first-hand – a drought that has prevailed in many regions for the past eight years. The one thing that stands out is our farmers’ and game ranchers’ belief in the Almighty, as well as their never-failing hope. One area severely affected by the drought is the Northern Cape, where a ground pangolin (see cover and species article on p 8) was collected near Kuruman and described scientifically for the first time by Johannes Smuts in 1832. The mythical pangolin is a symbol of hope and the central emblem of healing people who are unable to bear children in African culture. But this animal is also under threat from illegal trade worldwide and is in serious danger of extinction. As the pangolin is a symbol of hope, let us not only hope, but let us base our hope on our belief in the Almighty – not only for rain, but also for the survival of all animal species.

THE GROUND PANGOLIN | Manis temminckii

J du P Bothma

Pangolins lack teeth, are covered with scales and are insectivorous. The ancestor of the mammal order Pholidota, which contains eight species of living pangolin, evolved some 37,3 million years ago..


SAVAGE MSR Valkyrie .224 Valkyrie sets new standard for accuracy

Stefan Fouché

The term “modern sporting rifle” was coined by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF, USA) to describe today’s very popular semi-automatic rifle designs, including the AR-15 and its offspring.

Boogjag in die hart van Afrika

Van Zyl Wait

Daar waar die teerpad eindig, is waar die lewe begin. Dis hoe dit vir ons klompie boogjagters van SA Sport- en Jagfederasie (SASJF) gevoel het toe ons links afdraai op die grondpad na Lapolosa Africa …


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