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Jagambassadeurs / Hunting Ambassadors

Met Suid-Afrika se unieke wildbedryfmodel, waar wild agter heinings voorkom, maak Ron Thomson die stelling dat jagters potensieel die beste jagambassadeurs vir hulself kan wees mits hulle hul omliggende omgewing ten volle verstaan. Wat maak van ’n jagter ’n goeie ambassadeur? Ron stel hierdie vraag en verduidelik dat dit slegs kan gebeur indien die jagter verstaan hoe jag binne die groter bewarings-, oftewel wildlewebestuursmodel, inpas. Hoewel jag ’n integrale deel van wildlewebestuur uitmaak, is dit nie die belangrikste element nie. Dit is dus verkeerd as jagters sê jag is die alfa en omega van wat hulle as jagters bewaring noem. Lees gerus op bl 8–10 hoe Ron die Afrika-olifant as voorbeeld gebruik om hierdie belangrike aspek van wildlewebestuur te verduidelik.

As hunting is a tool of wildlife management, the choice of available hunting tools changed when modern civilisation introduced firearms into the arsenal of hunting weapons. In “The art and science of hunting” (p 53–56), Cleve Cheney explains that people are attracted to a hunting tool of choice, based on childhood impressions, the level of challenge, novelty, practice opportunity, and in many instances, affordability …

BIG-GAME Hunting in North America – Black Bear Part 2

Now the story continues with Coenie up next, trying to bag his black bear trophy over hounds with Joe and Joseph Bowden, owners of Tomah Mountain Outfitters (TMO).

Leupold’s VX-5HD

There are places you can only take the essentials – and only if those essentials make weight. The African continent is a rough, rugged place; you need gear designed to survive that environment and still deliver in the clutch.

Hunting with the Ravin crossbow at Setshaba Safaris

I suspect this is where I have kept the “bow bug” at a distance, avoiding that proverbial “bite”.