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The two species of waterbuck, namely Kobus ellipsiprymnus and Kobus defassa, have a wide distribution in the savannas of Africa but only the former occurs in South Africa, while the latter is also found in Zambia and Angola. They developed from an ancestral Kobus species that lived along the eastern coast of Africa as far north as the Horn of Africa in the north, and the East African Rift Valley in the west. Limited fossils have been found in East and South Africa. The earliest fossil form of Kobus lived 7 to 4,5 million years ago and was followed by Kobus subdolus, which lived 5 million years ago. The waterbucks developed some 2 million years ago and are most closely related to the reedbucks, kobs and lechwes.

Doing the State’s Bidding – Martin Hood

We all initially welcomed the lockdown regulations because we were convinced that the actions of particularly our president were reasonable and justifiable in the circumstances to try and avert or delay a disaster.

The Kruger controversy Part 1(a) – Ron Thomson

I have written many times and in many ways regarding my concerns about what I consider to be the mismanagement of the Kruger National Park’s (KNP) living resources, especially its elephant population.


“As mens die sommetjies gaan maak volgens Rowland Ward, is dit ‘n 60” -buffel of 60”-sable bul watnou hier voor ons lê.” – Sterrie Marais