“Hunting is more than the act of pursuing game. It consists of respect, camaraderie, humour and innocent appreciation, and nothing brings out those elements like the traditions of a great hunt – big or small …” – Brian Lovett

This month we once again bring you a medley of articles, product tests, columns and promotions from the game and hunting industry. We dedicate the main part of this issue to big-game hunting in the Big-game Corner section featuring on p 49–97. The hunting of big game surely is one of the most exhilarating experiences. But big-game hunting does not necessarily mean hunting a 13 000 lb elephant or a 2 000 lb charging buffalo. Read the respective stories of Stefan Fouché, who hunted the the elusive Limpopo bushbuck (p 59) and Laurence Jennings, who bagged a Sharpe’s grysbok, one of the Tiny 10 (p 70). These two hunts were true big-game experiences posing some serious challenges!

As a young boy, Oscar Haugen was intrigued by an article he read about a Purdey double in .600 Nitro Express.

This changed his life forever – he wanted a double rifle and hunt big game in Africa. He shares the story about his first-ever buffalo hunt in ‘Africa – land of big-game hunting’ (p 50).

Africa – land of big-game hunting

Oscar Haugen,  CEO of GRS Rifle Stocks in Norway, tells the story of how he fell in love with big-bore rifles and how he began hunting big game in Africa with them

Aimpoint sights for big game

In 1974, Swedish entrepreneurs started exploring ways to improve shooting accuracy. Little did they know that their invention, the Aimpoint red-dot sight, would revolutionise the shooting and hunting industry

In conversation with Tembani Wildlife

Hennie van der Walt visited Tembani Wildlife on the farm Mount Joy in Limpopo Province. There he spoke to the Tembani team, Tony and Richard Morton, and Hanru Strydom