Bly kalm dié winter en eet biltong!

Keep calm this winter and eat some biltong!

“The wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit” – Edward Abbey

Wintertime is hunting time … no doubt about that! This time of year is associated with cold but beautiful sunrises in the bush, early-morning coffee around a smouldering fire, the excitement of the hunt, and some welcome venison and biltong in the freezer at home. Spending some quality hunting time in the bush, either alone or with a good hunting buddy, tracking and stalking your quarry, bringing it down, and sitting around a crackling campfire at night under the star-speckled African skies – this is the stuff that memories are made of; memories that will one day feed the soul when you are no longer able to hunt. Let this issue be your guide and companion to help make those special memories this hunting season. Hunting editor, Stefan Fouché, decided to challenge the planet’s fastest antelope, the tsessebe – on foot and with open sights. Turn to p 16 to find out how he outwitted this wary plains-game animal with his double rifle at Nahla Safaris outside Schweizer-Reneke in Northwest Province. Stefan also put a deadly combination of a gun and riflescope to the test. On p 22 he waxes lyrical about the performance of the .30-378 Weatherby Magnum in the Weatherby Mark V Accumark, fitted with a top-of-the-range Leupold riflescope, the VX6-HD 3-18x50 – both made in America and built for Africa.

Captive-bred lions, ethics and associations – According to whom?

Many opinions and articles have been published in printed and social media about the ethics of hunting, particularly captive-bred lion hunting. Hennie van der Walt takes an in-depth look at this highly controversial issue

Weatherby and Leupold

Stefan Fouché waxes lyrical about the .30-378 Weatherby Magnum in the Weatherby Mark V Accumark, fitted with a top-quality Leupold riflescope, the VX6-HD 3-18x50 – made in America, built for Africa

In gesprek met Sterrie en Piet Marais

Hennie van der Walt besoek die plaas Nuwejaarsfontein in die Noord-Kaap en gesels met Sterrie en Piet Marais oor Karoo Experience, wat bekend is vir die suksesvolle teel van Damaraland-springbokke


WRSA Inligtingsdag en opleidingsdag 2018