Squad trying to figure out the wind

2020 Zululand Gong Shoot

The past weekend was the first leg of the Natal Gong Series- “the only supressed series”.

 The series kicked off in Zululand and true to Natal Gong Series standard the conditions and terrain proved very challenging! With lots of old faces and also many new faces the field looked to be very competitive and consisted of 52 entrants.

 On Friday, we kicked off with sighting rifles on the 900yd range and also shooting the King of 1 mile competition. Conditions were difficult and entrant’s shots at 4 gong- 1240yds, 1420yds, 1560ydand 1718yds. Getting three shots, a competitor had to connect with at least one shot to continue to the next distance. With each further distance the total points per gong doubles. With the field, being so competitive it meant that any of the high scoring shots at the last gong missed, would immediately put you out of contention for the win.


Craigen Millingham put the trigger cam through its paces on a gong 1000yds out!

Top honours went to Nico Harris scoring 1270pts out of a possible 1500pts. Second went to #Team Gun Warrior with Warren Britnell scoring 1170pts. Third position went to Mr Consistency, Simon Steyn scoring 1140pts.

 On Saturday, we shot the 5-range gong shoot. Every range having 3 gongs – one between 400yds-600yds, one between 600yds – 800yds and then one between 800yds and 1000yds. 3 shots per gong for a total of 45 shots.

 Saturday proved very difficult and the wind switched continuously throughout the day. Competitors that could focus, read wind and capitalise when conditions were on, took the top spots. Brendan Fike from King of 2 miles Africa and France fame took the top spot- proving he can drive his trusty Truvello 338 Lapua MAG even from challenging shooting positions.

In second position was #Team legionnaire Ben Richardson- steering his beautiful 284 WIN chassis gun to a strong second place. I shot in a squad with Ben, he stayed cool as a cucumber throughout the day and took maximum points when they were up for the taking.

In 3rd position was Konrad Grabe- another #Team Gun Warrior member! The big man had set his sights on a podium spot and did exactly that!

Brendan Fike- first individual

Nico Harris- winner of the king of one mile.

First position in the ladies went to Sonja de Jager- beating many of the men in the individual competition! Well done!

 First junior was Catelynn Britnell- yet another member of #Team Gun Warrior. Good to see them starting off young! Well done on an excellent shoot young lady- also ending no. 35 in the individual standings!

 Team honours were as follows-

1- Team Impact Extreme

2- Team Gun Warrior

3- Team Lebombo

 The shoot ran very well as usual. At Range 3 there was a stand from the gentlemen from Trigger Cam, keeping competitors refreshed and also giving the opportunity to try out their top-quality products first hand in the field!

We also had new set of numbers on all the ranges sponsored by Team Legionnaire!

Brendan Fike in action on range 3

The trigger cam stand had a prime view

We would like to thank out series partners Trigger Cam and Legionnaire for the continued support making it possible to organise these top tier events!

Hope to see you guys at the Midland Gong shoot in May!

 Nico Harris harris3006@gmail.com

Squad 1 after a long day in the sun!